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Michael O'Gara, D.D.S. and  Tricia O'Gara, D.D.S.


Smile Gallery
AGD Member

Full Mouth Restorations

full_mouth_recon_1.gif  full_mouth_recon_2.gif

full_mouth_recon_3.jpg  full_mouth_recon_4.jpg

full_mouth_recon_5.jpg  full_mouth_recon_6.jpg

Before and After Images below - these are generic examples of the results that can be obtained with cosmetic and/or
general dentistry, and not necessarily the work of this practice

smile1.gif  smile2.gif

smile3.gif  smile4.gif

smile5.gif  smile6.gif

smile7.jpg  smile8.jpg

smile9.jpg  smile10.jpg

smile11.jpg  smile12.jpg

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